Tennison Road Bridge Replacement

Client Graham Construction & Network Rail


13 months


“As well the required progress photography, we could see real benefits of having time-lapse and video to promote this pioneering project to Network Rail and the wider rail and construction industry.
We wanted to capture the live launch aspect of the job as this is the major advantage of this technique. Pushing the bridge over the tracks without having to stop the trains running is a massive bonus to customers using the trains, and the practical completion time is drastically reduced.
Film Infinity worked closely with us throughout the project to capture time-lapse, real time and drone footage of the project .
Film Infinity have given us a great piece of film to document this exciting project.

Rory McFadden-Project Manager Graham Construction


Film Infinity were commissioned by Graham Construction to capture this momentous event in South London. The installation of the new Tennison Road Bridge near Norwood Junction was a construction industry first.

The new 565 tonne bridge was ‘pushed’ horizontally over operational rail lines and we were there to film and photograph the process. To document this unique event took a great deal of planning. We had up to five crew members on site at one time filming, photographing and flying drones overhead enabling us to deliver a stunning piece of work which the client was delighted with and caught the attention of the industry press.

We started documenting this project in April 2014, installing four time lapse cameras on site, which recorded different areas of the construction and demolition.

We then visited once a month to photograph the progress of the project and returned to film on the ground and from the air (utilising drones) the major stages of the build until May 2015.

This included the 'live' launch of the new bridge, which we edited on site, and delivered to all the major stakeholder within hours of its completion for distribution to the press and social media platforms.



"This is one of the best, if not the best, time lapses we've seen" Network Rail

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