Every location presents a different set of challenges so we always recommend a site visit so we can assess the location and discuss your requirements in detail.  We can install any number of cameras for any length of time in any location.  Combining the best camera technology and the latest post-production software we can deliver HD and 4K time lapse films. 

The complexity of your project will determine the costs. We have a solution for every budget.


How to create a time lapse video

Filming great time lapse videos in London


We offer a remote live site monitoring system.  The on line client portal enables clients to view, monitor, download and share their projects from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.  Featuring secure 4G cellular networking, our self-contained UHD 4K cameras are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

High definition photographs are captured and transmitted to our secure servers. High definition time lapse videos are produced automatically. Clients can then view the images via their own password protected on-line portal, enabling unlimited access. The dashboard can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. 


For clients who do not require remote site monitoring or are looking to save money, this could be the answer. These self-contained HD cameras are battery powered and require a site service every seven weeks. The images are stored on the memory card. The cameras are small, discreet, lightweight and fully waterproof.

At every camera service visit we clean the lens, download the image files from the memory card and change the batteries.  We can re-posotion the camera if required.

After we have edited the footage, we send a secure link to the latest time lapse video. We can add text, animation, graphics and logos so the video is ready for immediate publication.  During these site visits we can also shoot some video (interviews or action of key processes) or take progress photographs around the site. A cost effective way to maximise your budget and create a vast library of marketing material.


If you are planning to document your project with time lapse it is worth thinking about how you can get the most out of your investment.  What is your story? What do you want to say and to whom? Will the time lapse footage on its own be enough to excite stakeholders and potential customers? To compliment and support your time lapse footage, think about adding some or all of the following:

  • A voiceover to narrate the video, delivering your message with impact and clarity
  • Add interviews or testimonials with key personnel or stakeholders
  • Animation or motion graphics can enhance, emphasise and explain important details
  • Drone footage is the ultimate way to illustrate the project
  • We can create numerous edits customised to serve various platforms such as social media, trade shows etc
  • Video the key stages or milestones of the project 

You probably know your audience and can identify what type of language and terminology to use?   You now need to write a script that will communicate this information clearly and concisely so you can tell your audience about your service or product. This need not be such a daunting task, as the 'bones' of a script can often be found in your existing marketing material.  We suggest that you select the key points and condense these down into bitesize chunks of information that can be delivered easily by the narrator (we recommend using a professional voiceover artist to do this job).

We offer a scriptwriting service and can source, brief and direct the voiceover artist ensuring that you get an appropriate voice that is sympathetic to your product or service.

It is a good idea to keep your film short and sweet to ensure that you keep the viewers attention. We suggest 1-3 minutes in length.  If you really do want a longer film, why not break it down into smaller chapters so the viewer can choose which ones they need to watch.  It is better that they watch some of your short films in full, rather than switching off mid-way through one long version!

Once we have your script and brief, we will then "visually' translate this into a shot list or storyboard.  Those shots (your time lapse footage) are combined wth the voiceover, music and graphics to produce your final film, ready for distribution.  We can also add video; interviews, before and after footage of the build to further enhance the finished video.

We highly recommend recording a voiceover.  Sound and vision go hand in hand.  How often do you watch TV with the sound turned off? Don't miss an opportunity to tell your clients about you, your service or product. In some instances this may not be the case, such as trade shows or films displayed in the reception area of your offices as a soundtrack would be intrusive. 


Here is a simple guide to commissioning time lapse video.  We hope this is helpful, if you have ANY queries please do call us immediately.  We appreciate that commissioning a time lapse video can be a little daunting so we have set out below the basic steps that will help you through the process. 

The first step is to compile THE BRIEF. This helps us understand your needs. Keep it short, but identify the following:

  1. What is the aim of the video? To inform, educate, sell or motivate?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is the message you want to convey? What you want to say and to whom, will form the basis of your script.
  4. Where will the film be shown? Website, Trade shows, social media or DVD?
  5. What is your timescale? When will the film need to be delivered by?
  6. Do you have any specific requirements? Animation, drone video?
  7. Budget? It’s good to have an idea of what you want to spend.
  8. How do you want the video to look? This is called the “treatment”. Have you seen something that you like? Think about a voiceover and music.
  9. Filming? What is the availability of staff, locations and resources?
  10. Complete our TIME LAPSE PROJECT BUILDER which will help answer these questions. We can then assess your answers and feedback with some ideas and costings. 

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