Creative time lapse solutions represent the ultimate in time lapse quality and creativity.  

High specification DSLR time lapse cameras are manned and operated by our skilled technicians throughout the duration of the project. This enables us to perform a variety of unique filming techniques that are not possible with automatic/remote time lapse installations.   We can execute individual techniques or combine several together. The only limit is your imagination!  Techniques offered include:

  • The Miniature Effect
  • Motion Control
  • Hyperlapse
  • Night to Day

The combination of the best DSLR camera technology, innovative camera movements and techniques, and the latest post-production software enable us to create incredible time lapse films in HD, 4K and 6K.

This service is primarily designed for relatively short term projects measured in hours or days of length. We produce bespoke creative time lapse films of any event or location. 



The crew can perform a wide variety of creative filming techniques not possible with fixed cameras including:

  • Motorised horizontal, diagonal and vertical camera movements using a dolly/slider
  • Pan and tilt camera movements
  • Hyperlapse operation (the camera is fixed to a moveable 'floating' camera rig  and then moved during operation)
  • Utilise tilt shift/perspective control lenses for the 'miniature' effect
  • Utilise a vast selection of wide, medium and long focal length lenses

During the project the crew can move the cameras to capture different aspects and angles of the event:

  • The cameras can be placed precisely in the best possible position to capture specific key events at pre-determined times
  • Additional cameras can be installed instantly to accommodate any unexpected requirements
  • Video can be shot simultaneously to compliment the time lapse footage, resulting in a far more interesting final edit

Due to their large image sensors, the cameras used produce the best image quality possible:

  • Shooting a RAW file format enables numerous possibilities in post production due to the flexibility and detailed information contained (it is not compressed)
  • RAW files enable us to create HD, 4K and 6K films

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Also known as the "model village" effect. This is a very unique and eye-catching visual style.  The human eye is fooled by the extreme short depth of field, making the image appear as if  in miniature.  

How is this done? We use tilt shift (TS) or perspective control (PC) lenses to create and control the effect. 

What is a TS or PC lens? Well..with 'normal' lenses the glass elements within are fixed in a parallel position to the focusing/image sensor plane, ensuring that the image is sharp edge to edge.  

TS or PC lenses allow you to alter the angle and position (horizontally and vertically) of the glass lens elements.  A button on the side of the lens enables the front glass element to be positioned diagonally (tilt).  A button on the top of the lens enables the whole lens to be moved horizontally (shift).  Additionally you can change the format from portrait to landscape. 


Here is a short film shot in London featuring this effect. 



This enhances the visual effect of a standard time lapse sequence as the camera itself is physically moving during operation.  To do this we mount the camera on a motorised, programmable device (We use the Syrup Genie).  Simply input the amount in degrees you want the camera to move, the interval between exposures and the length of operation.  The Genie will then calculate the length of the final film.  It can be mounted on a tripod or for even more movement, a slider or dolly.

  • On a tripod, the camera can then be programmed to pan or tilt in very small increments after each exposure 
  • On a slider or dolly, positioned horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the camera can then be programmed to move in very small increments after each exposure  

In 2013 we were commissioned by Marmalade Films to produce a short time lapse sequence for the PADDINGTON MOVIE utilising these methods.



This is the same effect as time lapse, but the camera is moving whilst taking photographs at the pre-determined intervals. 

Normally the camera would be fixed to a tripod, but in this case its is mounted onto a 'floating', moveable camera rig.  The rig features sophisticated gimbals which keep the camera level at all time despite the movements of the operator.

The rig is held by an operator who then moves...walking along a street, up stairs, through a park etc.  

This process does involve a great deal of preparation and planning but it is worth it.

It is particularly effective when used in large crowds of people, seen here in our promotional video for the Rhythms of the World Festival 






Infinity Time Lapse Solutions are the "go to" industry experts for high quality creative time lapse films.

We create superb, bespoke, high quality time lapse solutions for a wide variety of companies across many diverse business sectors

  • We aim to deliver stylish, punchy videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and successfully communicating your story
  • We produce cost effective, tailored time lapse solutions
  • We are safety accredited. We have the training, experience, and certifications to work safely virtually anywhere
  • A wealth of Industry experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly creative solutions

Time lapse documents your project in the most original format - compressing days, months or even years into a bitesize film of just a few minutes in length. 

This unique medium INFORMS, ENTERTAINS and ENGAGES your audience.


To run alongside or compliment your time lapse film, we offer the following additional services::

Infinity Time Lapse Solutions produce high quality, high resolution photography and video that can be used across all your web, print and broadcast channels.


We have a wealth of industry experience spanning over 25 years.

When looking for a suitable company to produce your creative services you need an agency that you can rely on, is good value and can deliver a top quality product.


Right from the start, we keep you informed at regular intervals on the progress of your project.  We are available 24 hours a day, nothing is too much trouble.

Please visit our TESTIMONIALS page and see what our clients think of us and why they come back for more!


Our staff are safety accredited to work safely in most environments.  We have the training, experience, and certifications to work safely virtually anywhere.We always produce and review Risk Assessment Method Statements for our work, and we never take risks with the safety of our team or others.  We are your trusted partner in any location.





We are very proud of our services and the staff that deliver them to you.  We are constantly striving behind the scenes to ensure that our service is of a consistently high standard. 

We have completed our ISO 9001 Quality Management ensuring that our working practices are extremely efficient, and moving forwards, continue to be so.


Communication is key to the success of your project.  We like to engage with all stakeholders, ensuring that we thoroughly understand your requirements. 

It is essential to establish a good working relationship with the key site personnel.  If any issues arise or your requirements change, we can easily contact them and we can be on site quickly.


We are full of great ideas that will set your video apart from the competition. The possibilities are endless…Night to day, motion capture, panning, tilt and slider movements. Combining the best camera technology, innovative camera movements and the latest post-production software we can deliver HD, 4K and 6K time lapse films.  We produce bespoke time lapse films for any event or location.


Your initial "rough cut" edit will be posted securely on line for all stakeholders to view. Once we have received your comments we will make the required changes and upload the new edit.

On very complicated projects we do offer an on-site editing service. We can come to your office and hone the final edit to your liking on the spot.