Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). We fix high resolution cameras to these remote controlled miniature 'helicopters' and fly them virtually anywhere.  The advent of low cost drone technology means it is now affordable to feature high quality aerial video and photography in your project

There is no better way to show off your latest project. Our sister company FILM INFINITY can offer video, photography and live broadcasting drone services. Our crew are fully insured and licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority. We have experience working in extremely delicate locations such as live rail operations and busy motorways.

  • UAVs can be operated in line of sight, at up to 400ft and 500m radius (but in reality we are always much closer).
  • We cannot fly at less than 50m above people, vehicles, roads or structures that are not under our control.
  • We cannot fly at less than 150m from crowds of 1000 persons or more, that are not under our control.
  • We require permission from the land owner prior to take off and landing.
  • If operating close or within an airport zone, we are required to ask permission from ATC (Air Traffic Control) to take off and operate within this zone.
  • We are required to know all hazards, restricted, dangerous or prohibited areas in our operating zone.
  • We are required to respect all wildlife while operating.
  • We will always put safety first and the pilot has the final word on how safely the flight can be conducted, or not.




Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) offer a new, unique way to look at the world from the air. Our UAVs are able to fly up to 400ft and down to few inches off the ground. Drones are now synonymous with flexibility and affordability, producing rock steady, ultra high definition footage.


Thanks to the cutting edge technology, high quality aerial photography is now affordable to anyone in need of elevated photographs. Shooting photographs from the GPS/Gyro-stabilized cameras means our aerial photography services will provide you with the image quality you require-crisp, pin-sharp, up-scalable and technically perfect photographs!


Our drones make it easy to broadcast straight from the sky, thanks to our on board full HD transmitter. Our clients can take advantage of this flexible and dynamic way to offer elevated views of your event.  We record in stunning 4K, and broadcast live straight to a vision mixer. Our eye in the sky, can broadcast full HD uncompressed video at up to 1km with zero latency and is capable of multicasting, enabling multi-monitoring as well as live feed through a 3G-SDI link.


To compliment your time lapse films, we offer the following additional services:


Video Production

Drone (UAV) Video and Photography

Photography Services

Animation and Motion Graphics 

Concepts and Treatments

High Definition (HD) Video Hosting

Models and Actors

Studio facilities

Video Strategy & Social Media

Induction films and Training films

We create high quality, high resolution, video that can be used across all your web and broadcast applications including Advertising, Marketing and PR. Social Media platforms and Internal communications.


We are very proud of our services and the staff that deliver them to you.  We are constantly striving behind the scenes to ensure that our service is of a consistently high standard. 

We have completed our ISO 9001 Quality Management ensuring that our working practices are extremely efficient, and moving forwards, continue to be so.


Communication is key to the success of your project.  We like to engage with all stakeholders, ensuring that we thoroughly understand your requirements. 

It is essential to establish a good working relationship with the key site personnel.  If any issues arise or your requirements change, we can easily contact them and we can be on site quickly.


We are full of great ideas that will set your video apart from the competition. The possibilities are endless…Night to day, motion capture, panning, tilt and slider movements. Combining the best camera technology, innovative camera movements and the latest post-production software we can deliver HD, 4K and 6K time lapse films.  We produce bespoke time lapse films for any event or location.


Your initial "rough cut" edit will be posted securely on line for all stakeholders to view. Once we have received your comments we will make the required changes and upload the new edit.

On very complicated projects we do offer an on-site editing service. We can come to your office and hone the final edit to your liking on the spot.