Our highly successful sister company, FILM INFINITY VIDEO PRODUCTION,  has built a reputation based on creativity, trust, reliability, safety and professionalism.  The Construction industry experts, we have a wealth of experience working on busy sites.

We offer video, drone, animation and photography all under one roof, a 'one stop' shop for all your creative services. Combine these services with our time lapse videos and we can create superb construction case studies featuring client testimonials, interviews, aerial footage and generic site action. Case studies are a very powerful marketing tool. We can create full-length web videos, several short social media edits and even sub-titled versions (ideal for marketing suites) from one shoot, ensuring a fantastic ROI.

We aim to deliver stylish, punchy videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience and successfully communicating your message.   

Our videos keep the viewer ENTERTAINED, ENGAGED and INFORMED.

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  • We deliver high quality videos that communicate your message with clarity and impact
  • We offer excellent value and the dedicated services of our professional, friendly, efficient team
  • We facilitate everything you may need from initial quotes, through to detailed planning and production
  • Our films are tailor made to suit your requirements
  • We have a proven track record of working with a variety of ages, ethnicities and cultures and within many different social environments
  • We work very closely with our clients, we supervise and manage the entire production process, ensuring that we deliver high quality films on time and within budget
  • We can help you with original ideas and concepts
  • We are relaxed, accommodating and flexible. Nothing is too much trouble





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You have identified what you want documented with your time lapse cameras but how do you want the finished film to look? What do you want to achieve with all the footage? We can help you get the best out of all the great video and stills you are going to have at your disposal.  Maybe you could add some real time video of the key stages, client testimonials or even some motion graphics? We can create multiple videos from one project: A full length case study, a great way to show off your project to potential clients. Short social media edits, maybe 15 seconds of time lapse sped up? We can advise you on the best way to showcase your project. 


The sound it is just as important as the visuals. We can add professional voice overs to the video, describing and explaining what is happening.  This adds to the impact and helps communicate your message.  What do you want to say to your audience? The script is the starting point for your film and ideally needs to be written prior to any filming as it will dictate what is going to be shot.  The 'bones' of your script could possibly be found in your existing marketing material.  If you need any help we do offer a scriptwriting service.Once you have written your script we will 'translate' the spoken words into visuals. Everyone involved can then clearly see the structure of the final film prior to filming.  A storyboard is a series of sketches or photographs detailing what will happen in each scene of your film.


Animation and motion graphics can enhance your video content immeasurably, delivering information in a unique, clear and concise manner.  The versatility and impact that can be gained with the correct use of high-end animation and motion graphics ensures that any subject or product can be captivating and engaging to the viewer.  Sometimes it may be 'impossible' to film something. Due to costs or logistics.  Or you may want to get your point over using simple motion graphics or infographics rather than 'real' video footage.  These extra elements can support the spoken word, highlighting important facts and figures.  I

Watch our ANIMATION AND MOTION GRAPHICS SHOWREEL and see just some of the many possibilities available. 


The ultimate WOW factor.  There is no better way to show off your latest project.   With the advent of low cost drone technology it is now affordable to feature aerial filming in your video. Our crew are fully insured and licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority. We have experience working in extremely delicate locations such as live rail operations and busy motorways. Please visit our  DRONE page