Construction  Case Study Video

How do you create a fantastic construction case study video? 

A case study is an ideal opportunity to highlight what is great about your company whilst illustrating how you successfully delivered a project to a very happy client. 

A good construction case study video that can successfully promote your business and your project to a wider audience should ideally feature:

  • Time lapse footage documenting the build process
  • Testimonial interviews featuring Project Managers, Clients etc
  • Video of the key milestones, build progress and the finished project (use drones as well)

Creatively combining these elements will deliver a detailed, interesting, informative and entertaining construction case study video. The ultimate marketing and sales tool!

Construction case study video

Time Lapse

Time lapse video is the best way to capture construction and compress this process into viewable bite-size videos.  We can supply periodic progress videos for social media or stakeholders can log-on remotely to the project on-line portal 24/7 to view the progress.  Clients can download photographs and instantly view footage.


Time lapse video is widely used to document the progress of a construction project. But when presenting the project to potential clients during a sales pitch, is it enough? Maybe not? We suggest filming some interviews, especially with satisfied clients enthusiastically endorsing your work. Add some aerial footage and of course some great shots of the finished project.  Graphics and animation can be used to highlight key facts and figures.

Choose a suitable voiceover artist to narrate the video. This will give the viewer an insight into the project but simultaneously lets the footage do most of the talking.

Drones-Aerial video and photography

This service is increasingly being used by our clients to capture projects from a unique perspective.  Stunning aerial shots are extremely powerful.


We can create a library of fantastic photographs during the build and of the finished project. These can be used across multiple press and social media channels.

It is very useful to include lots of detailed resource information within image files. This is called metadata. It can include elements such as the title, author, location (and GPS co-ordinates) and searchable keywords. Once the images are archived the metadata is used for purposes such as discovery and identification so you can access them easily in the future if required.

We can supply ALL of those services! Making your life easier! We organise and co-ordinate all those elements ensuring we have the right crew working safely on site at the right time. A fast turnaround means we can deliver the video and photography as and when you need them.

Most national, local and trade news platforms are available in print and on line so we advise that you supply a selection of high quality photographs and provide video links or files so they can embed the video or share the YouTube or Vimeo links.

Where to start?

What is the story? Is the project utilising an unusual build process or maybe it’s for a prestigious client.  The first step is to write a script. We can help you with this and create bespoke creative packages that include a superb library of high quality, high resolution images and video. Get in touch today.