Construction Project Case Studies

Construction Project Case Studies

What is the best way to create successful construction project case studies?  There are several great mediums available to illustrate the progress of the build, the key milestones and of course the finished project.  A good construction project case study that can successfully promote your service and the project to a wider audience should ideally feature:

Of course it depends on whether you are producing video content or printed material. Either way it is essential that the medium that you are using is of a high standard, both creatively and quality wise .


A creative, experienced photographer, using top end equipment can create a library of fantastic photographs that can be used across multiple platforms: On-line, in press releases and on social media. They can capture all the great angles and views, thoroughly documenting the project. Make sure your photographer is shooting RAW files. This file format contains huge amounts of detailed image data. In post-production the RAW files are processed to produce file formats that are appropriate for different usages. For example a web site only needs low resolution jpegs (72dpi) but a trade show exhibition stand will need high resolution files (300dpi).  It is very useful to include lots of detailed resource information within image files. This is called the metadata . It can include elements such as the title, author, location and searchable keywords. Once the images are archived the metadata is used for purposes such as discovery and identification so you can access them easily in the future if required.


Time lapse video is widely used to document the progress of a construction project as it happens. But when presenting the project to potential clients during a sales pitch is it enough? Maybe not. We suggest filming some interviews, add some aerial footage and of course some great interior shots.  Motion graphics and animation can be used to add an extra depth of detail to existing footage with information and facts about the build.  We can help you build a story.

Time Lapse

Time lapse video is the best way to capture the construction process as it happens. Stakeholders can log-on remotely to the on-line portal 24/7 to view the progress.  The ability to download live photographs and instantly view footage is very appealing for a number of reasons.

  • Saving money by avoiding numerous site visits.
  • Keeping all stakeholders, clients and the public informed.
  • It can be used to resolve disputes.
  • Instantly check progress.

Drones-Aerial video and photography 

This service is increasingly being used by our clients to capture their projects from a unique perspective.  It is used to assess progress seen from a very high viewpoint, in some cases enabling a great view of the site as a whole. We can supply detailed surveys of a building. Stunning aerial shots of the finished project are an extremely powerful marketing tool.  Aerial video can be combined with video taken on the ground and time lapse footage to create the ultimate construction project case study.


We can create bespoke creative packages that will deliver a superb library of high quality, high resolution images and video.